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Real Time Contribution Data

We automatically monitor U.S. Federal, State, and Local political contributions to make sure your employees aren't violating pay-to-play policies. You should not just rely upon self-reporting, self-certifications, and pre-clearance. Six Lambda can help by providing daily political contribution surveillance and monitoring. 

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Why do you care?

Lost Income, Lost Contracts, Regulatory Fines, and Reputational Damage


Registered Investment Advisors

The Advisers Act of 1940, specifically rule 206(4)-5, stipulates that investment advisers are subject to a two-year timeout from providing compensatory advisory services after political contributions were made to a candidate who could influence the investment adviser selection process for a public pension fund.


Municipal Bond Dealers

The MSRB’s Rule G-37 prohibits brokers and securities dealers from engaging in advisory business with municipal entities if political contributions have been made to officials of municipal entities and requires these dealers and municipal advisors to disclose political contributions.


Politically Sensitive Industries

Federal law prohibits campaign contributions to political candidates and parties from individual contractors as well as business entities. In addition, many state governments prohibit any contributions from any entity doing business with the state. 

Filling the Gap

Verification Layers to Compliance Programs

After doing diligence on hundreds of funds, our founder came across a missing link in the compliance pipeline for regulated financial service funds. The industry largely relied on pre-clearance and self-reporting of political contributions rather than verification and monitoring.  We changed that by gathering and sanitizing federal, state, and local campaign contribution data every single day, and created a tool for compliance officers to enforce their political giving policies.

How does it work?

Employee Lists.png

Create custom employee lists and set daily alerts

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Contribution Details.png

View all contribution activity and take action on individual donations to create an audit trail

Add covered associates, employees, household members, and other relevant people to each list

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