Features Include:

How does it work?

Make a List

Enter your employees' names and addresses via upload, manual entry or let us do it.

Reconcile Results

Filter out the false positives by address, employer, or other metrics

Get Alerted

When new contributions arrive, we alert you via email as to new transactions to review

Be Smart

Our system checks for common nicknames, poorly formed data, and other data issues.

US Federal Government, 50 US States, and hundreds of municipalities covered

We gather data from all our sources daily, so you know our information is always up to date.  State data sources change often, so we have tools to capture issues before they show up to your alert screens.  You can request a list of sources by emailing support@sixlamba.com

Group Employees by Category

We make it easy to categorize employees using separate lists. Organize your results as you want, by region, risk category, employee vs family member, etc. 

Tag Family Members, Former Employees, and Covered Associates

Using our tagging feature, you can quickly sort out covered associates, family members, or former employees from your results. 

Set statuses of contributions as confirmed, dismissed or unreviewed

Similar to a trade blotter, you can keep track of transactions you've verified or dismissed, so you only need to review the information that hasn't been previously reported. This also helps with the audit trail for regulators. 

Nickname support built-in, no need to enter Bill for William for example

Names are very messy, as are the databases that we receive this information. We automatically expand our search to deal with nicknames, misspellings, and other data entry issues.  You don't have to do the work, we do it for you.

Export results for verifiable audit trail during SEC/FINRA exams

All our results can be exported via Excel or CSV files so you can rest assured you won't lose access to your previous search history.

API Integration available

If you subscribe to our API service, we can integrate our search tools into existing compliance solutions such that our customers don't need to leave the HR or ERP system they are using.

Two-Factor Authentication Standard

Each account comes with 2FA available, so you can make sure you are using strong measures to protect your employee data. Currently, we support 2FA via third-party apps such as DUO Mobile, Authy, and Google Authenticator


Bulk Dismiss

You can filter and bulk dismiss false positives from results, greatly improving workflow times with the product. 

Multiple Addresses

Add multiple addresses for


Retain notes on each transaction to create a permanent record of your audit results.

Filter by Employer

Quickly identify contributions by the Employer

Pre-Filtered Email Alert Links

Get just the information you need when you get an alert.  Click directly to new results. 

Coming Soon:

AI Name Search

Our upcoming search engine is smart.  It will learn to identify false positives to cut the time you need to spend checking for real results. 

Pre-Clearance, Data-enabled

Don't just get a form submitted to you.  Get all the information pre-populated for you you so you can auto-approve, reject, or review political contribution requests. 

RFP Political Assistant

Generate custom reports of firm political giving quickly, to help your business development team quickly respond to disclosure requests from pension funds and other public fund entities. 

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