Behavior Analysis For Employees

AI software firm Behavox has received $20m in a round led by Citigroup.

As a result of the deal, the firm, which has built compliance surveillance software, is now valued at $200m.

The London-based companys’ technology can be used by financial institutions to locate and question employee-generated data in real-time to find possible signs of wrongdoing.

Erkin Adylov, co-founder of Behavox, told the Financial Times that Citigroup was planning to use its technology in a bid to improve customer relations.

“The way you engage people is directly relevant to your performance … We can help firms to work out what drives more revenue,” he added.

Behavox also has offices in New York and Singapore and seeks to help companies reduce compliance costs, increase system efficiency, optimise team performance and track and measure corporate culture.


Monitor state and local campaign donations to make sure your employees aren’t violating pay-to-play policies.

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