PG&E Paid Off CA Politicians rather than Fix Power Lines

"SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A federal judge overseeing PG&E’s criminal probation ordered the utility Wednesday to explain why it paid billions to stockholders and political candidates instead of using the money to fix known wildfire-safety problems with its power lines."

PG&E is being sued by victims of the 2017 wild fires, the largest of which was the Tubbs fire that killed 22 people and destroyed 5600 structures.

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Six Lambda has reached out to PG&E counsel and attorneys offering to assist, but we haven't heard back from either the company or their restructuring attorneys at this time. Knowing the full extent of your companies political reach is important, especially for those who must safeguard the image and ethics of the firm.

Quoting from the court order:

"The Court has learned from ABC news that PG&E has made large campaign contributions to political candidates, even quite recently. The offender shall set forth the full amount of campaign contributions and to whom such contributions were made to by PG&E since January 1, 2017, and shall explain why those campaign contributions were more important that replacing or repairing the aging transmission lines described by the Wall Street Journal article and removing or trimming the backlog of hazard trees, and increasing vegetation management."

Here is the original ABC News Article:

The Tubbs fire killed 22 people

Here is the court order:

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