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Post-Election Day Political Contribution Guidance - Litigation and Recount Funds

With election day behind us and an undetermined winner, there is still a need for political donations for both parties. With post-election recounts and litigation in multiples sates, both Republicans and Democrats need to finance the entire effort, Covington & Burling does does a great job providing guidance.

The touch on the Federal Election Campaign Act, which details the limits and types of campaign contributions. There are different limits set for individuals, PAC’s, JFC’s and a variety of other donor types.

“The Federal Election Campaign Act provides that national party committees, including the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, and their House and Senate campaign committees, may each accept up to $106,500 per year from an individual “to defray expenses incurred with respect to the preparation for and the conduct of election recounts and contests and other legal proceedings.” Multicandidate Political Action Committees (PACs) may give up to $45,000 per year to each of these legal accounts. The contribution limits for the legal accounts are separate from the limits applicable to the national party committees’ general accounts."

“Additionally, federal candidates may accept up to $2,800 from an individual and $5,000 from a Multicandidate PAC per election cycle for recounts and election contests. This limit is in addition to, and separate from, the contribution limits for the primary and general elections. All donations to recount funds must be disclosed by candidates and political party committees on their Federal Election Commission reports.

With contributions being made post-election day for litigation and potential special elections in early January, it is important to keep an eye on where your employees are donating. Please reach out to if we can help with political contribution monitoring or provide a custom real-time report that reflects all employee donations made during this election cycle.

Article: Guidance Regarding Contributions to Recount and Election Dispute Funds

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