Release notes - SixLambda API v1.4.9 & Administration Interface v1.4.3

We released a new version of our API over the weekend. You can now filter out Federal vs State/Local Transactions using the filters at the top of the screen. We also cleaned up the export feature and made some other minor improvements.


  • Feature: Email language now reflects the reporting period (Daily, Weekly, etc.)

  • Feature: Modified export format to reduce unnecessary information

  • Feature: Added filtering for federal and local/state contributions

  • Feature: Improved synchronization mechanism to improve overall speed on a per-company and per-list basis.

  • Quality: Improved organization of code

  • Quality: Verified API calls and augmented test suites

  • Quality: Augmented health monitoring to improve system health.

  • Quality: Improved command-line tools for developers

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue with background task failure recovery

  • Fixed an issue when certain records were submitted to Employee upload would cause the upload to fail.

  • Fixed an issue with intermittent failures in data synchronization

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