Six Lambda V1.4 Release Notes

Today, we released an update to our system. The key components of this update were the ability to import and maintain multiple addresses for an employee, as well as enhanced geographical support such that false positives for common names will decrease by 50 - 80%.

SixLambda v1.4 Release Notes

  • Feature: New "monthly" notification option will notify you on the 1st of each month for changes to your employee lists.

  • Feature: Multiple addresses for employee records. We have added additional columns to the employee import file format (CSV) to support Employee ID to allow you to import employees multiple times, as well as to support multiple addresses more easily. You can also manually add multiple addresses for an employee in the user interface, and set one as the primary address.

  • Feature: Export format now exports contributions and uses an employee's primary address

  • Matching: Our matching algorithm uses additional logic relating to employee geography and addresses to eliminate more false positives, particularly helpful for more common naming.

  • Feature: Overall quality improvements across the product line with improved automated testing and tools for quality assurance.

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