The Dangers of Political Giving Hits Gov. Cuomo of NY

Cuomo Says Contractors Benefit from the M.T.A, but So Does Cuomo.

Public data lends itself to fleshing out conflicts, whether perceived or certain. Six Lambda can help you monitor and get in front of public relations nightmares.

One interesting morsel from this article was a 2016 Paper detailing Pay-to-Play Restrictions from Government Contractors.

From the NY Times on July 29th, 2019

"Governor Cuomo effectively controls the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and for quite some time has tried to humiliate it into changing its ways.

One of the most recent examples came during a radio interview last month, when he said the M.T.A. has “an incestuous relationship” with “bad contractors” that profit off the agency.

One thing Mr. Cuomo didn’t say: His campaigns have raised a lot of money from M.T.A. contractors . . . Legislation to limit political contributions from state contractors has been introduced repeatedly in Albany, but has never become law."

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