Version 1.1 Released - New Feature Review/2FA

On Thursday night last week, we successfully deployed the new version of Six Lambda.

This upgrade features:

  • Fully revised front-end interface using a modern, mobile-ready design

  • Sortable columns in all grid views

  • Separate tabs for unreviewed, confirmed, and dismissed transactions

  • Improved look and feel for account and profile pages

  • Updated language and tool tips throughout the interface

  • Improved sorting and filtering on all views

  • Support for 2 factor authentication through one-time password apps

  • Fully responsive interface which adapts to desktop, tablets, and mobile devices

  • Improved architecture to make lists, counts more accurate and consistent

You will find now that searching for names, addresses, and filtering is much more intuitive. We also moved our public facing website to a more friendly CMS system so we can quickly update content for users.

To enable 2FA click on Account on the top and click enable 2FA. Best practices for security is to enable 2FA on your account.

Once you click 2FA, you will get a screen like the one below which will synch with you mobile 2FA app. This will work with Apps such as Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator, and Authy. On your next login, you will be asked for the one-time code from you mobile app.

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